We Are A
Product Company

Connecting the BUYER with the right

  • Our company's goal is producing useful everyday recognizable products that have yet to be introduced to consumers.
  • We focus on one inventive quality product at a time.

Our Company

Practicable Products Ltd is a company that takes our ideas from:

Concept to design

concept to design

Prototype to production

prototype to production

Packaging to wholesale

packaging to wholesale

Distribution to retail

distribution to retail

To consumers worldwide

to consumers worldwide

We recognize the value of presenting to buyers, products that are fully developed and ready for distribution.


We are engaged with industry leading manufacturers and material suppliers from Canada and the USA.

Our products are made with FDA certified and approved materials and are distributed through national wholesale and retail networks, throughout Canada and the USA.

Our products are proprietary, patented and trademarked in Canada and the USA and can be made available for sale worldwide.

Canada and USA

About Us

Practicable Products Ltd is a company created by an ambitious and persistent team inspired by brilliant and creative young talent.

We are dedicated and committed to maintain integrity while working in a productive, creative, friendly and successful environment, bringing innovative products to life.

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Mailing address 1213 Haig Boulevard
Mississauga, ON L5E 2M6